The first Trader’s Room with cryptocurrency payments


Automate all your onboarding and payment processes in one place.

As a complement to Match-Trade White Label offering, M-TT Trader’s Room application has been created to assist brokers to automate the most critical business operations. In the M-TT Trader’s Room area, FX Brokers’ clients will be able to open new demo or live accounts automatically,transfer money between account, send deposits or request withdrawals.M-TT support different types of payment gateways such as Paypal, Skrill, Neteller and many more which are popular in the market. Match-Trade can add other payment gateways and other functionalities as requested by customers. All activities performed by FX Brokers’ clients on system administration will be logged in the system and additionally all interested parties will receive additional email notifications about the requested actions.Additionally, each client can use this application as an e-wallet, which allows to make instant transfers to trading accounts in case of insufficient margins or any other unexpected situation that requires immediate transfer of funds. M-TT Trader’s Room application is fully integrated with  Match-Trader Trading Platform.


Some of the key benefits of our Trader’s Room are:

    • Opening Demo and Live accounts from website
    • Various deposit and withdrawal options, e-payments and cryptocurrencies supported
    • Opening new trading accounts from Trader’s Room application
    • Transferring funds between trading accounts
    • E-wallet functionality
    • Automatic email notifications about all clients activities
    • Multilevel IB up to 3 levels
  • Dedicated IB portal for all IBs and sub-IBs
  • Automatically generated registration links for clients and sub IBs
  • Multi language supported – possibility to add your language
  • Flexible options which can be configured according to broker needs
  • Tracking the balances of all client’s accountsTrader’s Room solution is be available for all Match-Trade clients. It is possible to license the service also for external clients and servers.