Match-Trade System

Our matching engine is one of the fastest and the most robust matching engine technology for the retail forex market.

Match-Trade Liquidity Cloud

New generation of transparent, distributed and independent ECN forex market trading venue where forex brokers can share (sell) liquidity with other cloud members.

Match-Trader Platform

Ultra fast and light web-based trading platform which can be accessed from any device connected to internet.

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System Set-Up

Match-Trader Installation

We provide hosting services, however, our clients can decide to install the system on their own servers as well with minimum hardware requirement.

Connectivity to LPs

We are connected to over 20 LPs and ECNs where clients are integrated immediately to matching engine. We support FIX 4.4 connectivity and customized protocols.

Manager & Admin Apps

Our back office management system allows clients to create various reports and manage LPs connectivity and mark-ups.

FIX Bridge

Our Bridge connects to broker server via Manager API and uses FIX protocol to connect FX server to Matching Engine.

Routing Engine – API

Our routing engine handles communication with various LPs via FIX protocol where clients can change the hedging parameters.

Data Feeder

Our feeder connects from FX server to the Matching Engine and receives price feed from the Matching Engine and distribute it within FX server.

We are successfully connected to following liquidity providers, ECNs and adding more LPs to our network everyday.