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Personal Information: It means information about an identifiable individual. This does not include information of an aggregate or anonymous nature where a specific individual or individuals cannot be identified, nor does it include business contact information used to contact an individual in their capacity as an employee or official of an organization.

Privacy and this Website: Simply visiting this Website does not result in our collecting any personal information from you. However, you should be aware that most web servers do collect some information about visitors, such as the browser and version you are using, your operating system, and your “IP” or Internet address, which may identify your Internet Service Provider or computer but generally not the person using it. The Company does use “cookies” to track the movements of users through the Website, but we do not use cookies to collect personal information.

Security: The Company takes reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy and security of the personal information in its custody or control. However, please be advised that the Internet and email are inherently insecure media, and we accept no liability for the security or privacy of personal information in transit over the Internet.

Consent: By accessing this Website, you confirm your consent to the contents of our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the contents of this Policy, or to our collection, use or disclosure of personal information as described in this Policy, then you may not access this Website. It is our policy to generally collect, use and disclose personal information only with your consent, but we reserve our right to do so without consent where required to do so, or where permitted to by law, such as, for example, in course of an investigation or in relation to a legal proceeding.

Unsolicited or Voluntary Personal Information: If you choose to voluntarily submit personal information to us by email, online forms or other means, we will consider that you have done so with your consent for purposes reasonably related to your providing the information. If you request ongoing provision of information, or if otherwise reasonable for the Company to do so, we may communicate further with you after our initial response with information that may be useful, but, if so, in most cases, our policy with ongoing communications with you is to include instructions on how to terminate receiving such further information. We may share your personal information with our employees or contractors if reasonable to do so having regard to the purposes for which you have provided us with your information. It is important that any information you provide to us is up to date and accurate so, if you have provided personal information to us, we request that you keep us informed of any changes to your personal information.