Match-Trade system is a complete matching engine solution for Cryptocurrencies and FX Market

Ultra-fast and reliable Matching Engine is the most important component of our Match-Trade System

Our matching engine is one of the fastest and the most robust matching engine technology for the retail forex and cryptocurrency market. Forex providers and exchange operators of all sizes can connect to our matching engine technology using our web-based Match-Trader Platform, FIX API and proprietary developed FIX Bridge. All these components are included in the Match-Trade system package.Our Risk Engine/Risk Management tool is an integral part of the MATCH-TRADE SYSTEM that calculates, checks, controls, filters and updates all system parameters constantly as trades are matched. The most important functions of it are listed below:
  • Balance, Equity, Margins
  • Creating new accounts, groups, instruments
  • Configuring Routing engine, LPs and session hours
  • Calculating Profits/Losses, Swaps and Commissions
  • Control over margins, stop outs and more.
Our Match-Trade System is one of the fastest and the most robust matching engine technology for the Forex market and cryptocurrencies. It has exhibited technical superiority with: 
  • Execution speed of over 50,000 transactions per second;
  • Less than 3 milliseconds of execution latency;
  • Strict price/time priority matching algorithm;
  • Open order book with full market depth (via FIX)
  • Adance type of orders – Peg Best,Peg Mid, Trailing Stops, Icebergs