Match-Trade is one of the first technology providers ,which has launched a comprehensive cryptocurrency solution dedicated to FX brokers. We offer following cryptocurrency solutions: Cryptocurrency Broker with MT4/MT5

Cryptocurrency Broker with MT4/MT5

mt4Match-Trade provides a full range of products, which are required to create a new fully operational cryptocurrency broker.
  • Legal advisory for company creation
  • Trader’s room with crypto payment gateway
  • MT4/MT5 White Label adjusted to run Bitcoin denominated accounts
  • Access to crypto liquidity with leverage up to 1:5
  • Ultra-fast and aggregated cryptocurrency Data Feeds
Cryptocurrency Liquidity

Cryptocurrency Liquidity

liquidity-iconMatch-Trade provides access to aggregated liquidity from the most reputable crypto exchanges such as Gdax, Kraken, Bitstamp or Gemini. Liquidity is available directly in our matching engine and it can be accessed from MT4 or via FIX. We provide liquidity with up to 10 levels of market depth, which reflect real market conditions available on the exchanges. Currently in our offer we provide access to liquidity for 15 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Dash, Etherum, Ripple or Litecoin. We can also add additional cryptocurrencies upon client request.
Cryptocurrency Data Feeds

Cryptocurrency Data Feeds

cryptodatafeeds-iconMatch-Trade has the technological ability to provide aggregated feed from crypto exchanges which is additionally adjusted to FX brokers needs. The liquidity for cryptocurrencies is based on real volumes from selected and trusted crypto exchanges such as Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Gdax, Kraken, and Poloniex. Match-Trade’s proprietary technology ensures the best quality execution and speed of price streams for this new instrument. M-TT Ultra-Fast Feed streams are available in two different formats – via FIX or MT4 and MT5 Unifeeder protocol. We can easily connect our feeds to all most popular platforms available in the market.
CoinMatch - Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency Exchange

exchangeCryptocurrency exchange is a turnkey solution for companies who would like to provide a physical exchange of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Match-Trade’s solutions allow customers to exchange one asset for another like on a real stock exchange. For example, a client can change fiat currency for example dollars to any electronic currency or cryptocurrency. Our cryptocurrency exchange solution offers access to 15 different pairs based on the top 8 cryptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies can be traded against dollars, euros or other cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency exchange consists of five main blocks:
  • CoinMatch Platform
  • Client Office for onboarding Clients
  • Matching Engine
  • Crypto wallets
  • Exchange backoffice

Check demo of CoinMatch platform:
Crypto Payment Gateway

Crypto Payment Gateway

paymentMatch-Trade’s crypto payment gateway is a complete fully automated solution for collecting and sending payments. Brokers who will be using our gateway will be able to track and book all payments on individual accounts in a dedicated back office. Match-Trade has also introduced several advanced security options, which minimizes the risk of execution of unauthorized transactions via our system.

Cryptopyament gateway is fully integrated with our Trader’s room. It is also possible to connect it via dedicated API to the brokers own systems.

Some of the key features of our Crypto Payment Gateway application are:
  • Support for following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash and NEO
  • Individual and automatically generated public addresses for each client
  • Embedded 2 Factor authentication for withdrawals
  • Backoffice and GUI interface for managing the payments
  • Flawless integration with Match-Trade client office
  • Possibility of integration it with 3rd party systems via API