How to build a scalable and successful Forex brokerage

Starting a new brokerage can be compared to building a house. There are aspects of each of these endeavors that are inherently designed to be flexible; for example the color of the house, which is akin to the broker’s website and marketing, is designed to be easily changed over time. On the other hand, there are decisions made early on in each process that can drastically dictate flexibility and expansion for years to come. I would call these aspects, to stick to my analogy, the ‘foundation’ components of a brokerage operation. Though possible to change down the road, it can be highly disruptive and costly to do so and thus having a good idea of where you want to take your business in the future is essential in the early stages. You do not want to build a mansion on a foundation of cardboard.Establishing a good foundation for your brokerage is best done by identifying which parts of your brokerage are most likely to change in the future. How will your client base evolve over time, and what mechanisms to interact with your brokerage operation will they require? How will you manage client execution as your volumes and demand for more complex liquidity environments increase? How will you react to potential regulatory changes? Along the path of growing a brokerage from start-up to global leader, the answers to these questions will inevitably change over time. The important decisions are those that avoid re-building your entire business each time the market dictates a change.Read More “How to build a scalable and successful Forex brokerage”

Match-Trade presents its technology in leaprate interview

Imran Firoz elaborated about the company and  development plans in a featured interview for leaprate website.This week LeapRate caught up with Imran Firoz, Managing Director (pictured above) of US-headquartered FXE Prime LTD, a global Forex brokerage software provider. His early experience in the FX industry was as the Chief Financial Officer of a brokerage firm where he provided financial oversight to accounting & finance departments of the company and advised the Board of Directors.He joined Match-Trade in February 2014 as its Managing Director and is responsible for its corporate development and strategic planning. The Company was formed in March 2013, with the primary purpose of creating an open, and transparent ECN trading system. Match-Trade dedicated its first two years of operation to develop this proprietary trading system.The Company has recently expanded with a European office in Poland and is geared to continue generating and supporting innovative services like its newly launched multi-level IB portal to help FX brokers manage their day-to-day operations in a winning fashion, the full interview follows.
LeapRate: How has the market response been to the company’s new ESMA/MIFID II compliance services launched last month?Imran Firoz: As you know, Company’s mission has always been to deliver an open, transparent and fair trading system to FX/OTC market participants. As a result, we were in a strong position to timely launch our ESMA/MIFID II compliance services which provide dedicated solutions to meet the best execution policy requirements described in the MIFID II documentation and guidelines published by ESMA. We have received positive feedbacks from several brokers and closely working with them to ensure full compliant by end of 2017.Our independent BBO (Best-Bid-Offer) feed aggregates prices from various liquidity sources in our proprietary matching engine and can be used as a reference market price point. This system will enable the brokers to prove that trade execution is in line with the real market prices. Further, our solution can automate verification of brokers’ price feeds before the trade execution takes place. This solution addresses the requirements of best execution policy as described in the new ESMA/MIFID II regulations.Read More “Match-Trade presents its technology in leaprate interview”