Ultimate bridging & aggregation technology now available at simple flat fee.


Match-Trade routing technology provides you the most competitive aggregated liquidity at very reasonable price.

Bridge and Liquidity Aggregator can work seamlessly with many Liquidity Providers, therefore we can provide you full flexibility in connecting to desired liquidity pools. We have created a scripted language which allows to create different hedging and risk management algorithms. Our bridge can be customized to your needs. We service many satisfied brokers around the world, you can be one of them!


Some of the key benefits of our Bridge & Aggregator are:

  • You can use our bridge for free if connected to recommended Liquidity Providers
  • We charge only simple flat fee, no turnover based fees!
  • Seamless connectivity to FIX compliant Liquidity Providers: LMAX, CFH, Currenex and others
  • Easy and flexible management of A-book ang B-book groups
  • Advanced best bid/offer aggregation with dynamic order routing rules
  • Finest execution for B-Book trades – fully automated and reliable.
  • Flexible management of price streams and markups.
  • Robust Risk Management System to keep your profits under control
  • Datafeed for various instruments already integrated.
  • Technology – Hosting – Administration – all in one.
  • Simple flat fee – no turnover or volume based fee.
  • Advanced algorithms adjusted to your Risk Management Strategy
  • Extremely affordable set-up fee and no hidden fees.
  • Coverage ratio parameter for all trades sent to LP
  • Complete set of OTC instruments – forex, indices, commodities, equity CFDs (700+).
  • Integrated liquidity of FX-EDGE Trading Venue
  • Ability to add Match-Trader Platform.
  • 24/6 dedicated support and advisory.