MT4/MT5 White Label Solution

We deliver all needed components to effectively start or expand your own FX business. We provide A/B-book execution, Integrated liquidity, IT hosting and simple flat fee. Learn more

MT4/MT5 Bridge and Liquidity Aggregator

Connect your MT4/MT5 or FIX compliant Server to many LPs and take advantage of aggregated liquidity. Our aggregation technology is fully scalable and reliable. Learn more


Check our next-generation trading system with advanced Matching Engine. It allows to match trades internally like on a real Stock Exchange. Learn more

Match-Trade provides Data Feeds, Liquidity, Payment Gateway and Match-Trade Platform – complete solution to run your own FX Brokerage

Advanced matching engine technology

Our Match-Trade System provides FX Brokers an unique technology to build their own exchange like companies. The key benefits of the system are:

  • Customization – It can be customized to meet the needs of the broker or exchange.
  • Flexibility – Our system can handle FX, CFDs instruments
  • Performance – 50,000 executions per second with latency less than 3ms for 99% of orders.
  • Handles Complex Orders – Immediate or Cancel (IoC), Fill or Kill (FoK), Good Till Date (GTD), Good Till Cancel (GTC)
  • Physical exchange – Our system can handle both derivatives and physical exchanged products
  • Web-based Platform – Our Match-Trader platform provides easy access to the exchange from all devices.

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How it works

Our system comprises a few important elements:

  • Core System– Matching Engine with Risk Engine
  • Bridge– Match-Trade FX-FIX Bridge
  • Match-Trader– Web-based Trading Platform
  • Administrative Tool – Match-Trade Admin
  • Back Office – Match-Trade Manager with API
  • FIX Engine – Provides access to the system via FIX protocol
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