Match-Trader Pro

We deliver all needed components to effectively start or expand your own Exchange or Liquidity Provider business. We provide A/B-book execution, Integrated liquidity, at simple flat fee. Learn more

 Bridge and Liquidity

Connect your  FIX compliant Server to many LPs and take advantage of aggregated liquidity. Our aggregation technology is fully scalable and reliable. Learn more

Matching Engine

 Check our next-generationMatching Engine which can be used for cryptocurrencies or FX market. It allows to match trades internally like on a real Stock Exchange. Learn more

Match-Trade provides Data Feeds, Liquidity, Payment Gateway and Match-Trade Pro Platform – complete solution to run your own ECN market

Advanced matching engine technology

Our Match-Trade System provides FX Brokers an unique technology to build their own exchange like companies. The key benefits of the system are:

  • Customization – It can be customized to meet the needs of the broker or exchange.
  • Flexibility – Our system can handle FX, CFDs instruments
  • Performance – 50,000 executions per second with latency less than 3ms for 99% of orders.
  • Handles Complex Orders – Immediate or Cancel (IoC), Fill or Kill (FoK), Good Till Date (GTD), Good Till Cancel (GTC)
  • Physical exchange – Our system can handle both derivatives and physical exchanged products
  • Web-based Platform – Our Match-Trader PRO platform provides easy access to the exchange from all devices.

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How it works

Our system comprises a few important elements:

  • Core System– Matching Engine with Risk Engine
  • Bridge– universal FIX Bridge which connects to many LPs
  • Match-Trader– Web-based Trading Platform
  • Administrative Tool – Match-Trade Admin
  • Back Office – Match-Trade Manager with API
  • FIX Engine – Provides access to the system via FIX protocol
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